I was referred by a doctor to see Michelle to heal a knee injury sustained from being an over-enthusiastic ‘weekend warrior’. Michelle was patient in explaining the anatomy of the knee joint; the damage areas and available alternatives for facilitating repair and rehabilitation. Her physiotherapy and physical exercises were effective in paving the way to recovery and elimination of pain.  Michelle is a friendly, effective and professional physiotherapist.

KC Lee Managing Director, Hansgrohe     

Michelle came highly recommended and I was very happy that she was my physiotherapist. She is knowledgeable, not pushy and always helpful. I totally appreciated her time and commitment and would definitely recommend her to others.

Allan Chong, Regional Recruiter, Google


I wish to thank you for the past few sessions that I’ve had for my plantar fasciitis condition. I successfully completed my half marathlon last week under 2hours without any problems. With your recommended exercises and massage, I believe I would be able to compete in my 1st full marathlon in December.

Adrian Chew, Businessman   

Michelle is very dedicated and patient. She has helped to reduce the discomfort I experience in my back as a result of scoliosis. Physiotherapy is a great way to fix muscular aches and speed up recovery. Highly recommended to every potential patient.

Ng Song Ping Student   

Thank you Physioclinic for the great physiotherapy experience. Treatments have proved effective to stop my ankle pain and exercises are useful to prevent ankle sprain again.  Thanks also to my physiotherapist, Michelle, for being very friendly and caring.
Gerard Bisoni Asia Pac Regional Sales Manager, Datapaq  

There is much improvement to 80%-90% well. Physiotherapist is caring and the way she guided me along to get better over the month using different treatment and exercises. Shockwave therapy has best result on me. Michelle has very good knowledge about muscle and managing my pain.
I thank God I met Michelle, physiotherapist, through Dr Sanjay, who suggested I go for physiotherapy because I suffered severe pain and swelling from my left shoulder, arm down to my left fingers due to car accident. I was impressed by Michelle’s professionalism to locate the painful spots and was always correct! She removed the painful areas from my left arm with care, gently and tenderness. To speed up my recovery, I went to Lighthouse Church Miracle healing service. Within a month, I am well and is able to live life as usual. All the staff including Si Ling helped my overcome my depressed period with care, encouragement and smiling faces!  Physioclinic is highly recommended!
Beatrice Cheah, Teacher 

Cooking and gym have been very much a part of my life. When I incurred a shoulder injury some time back, it had somewhat impaired me from doing two of these daily vital activities, Ever since I saw my Physiotherapist for treatment together with strengthening rehabilitation exercise, I could get back to my workout at the gym & my family got enjoy home cooked meals!
The shockwave therapy employed by Physioclinic is definitely a help towards my recovery and coupled with the specific exercise given to me (Homework for me to do). Also the knowledge imparted by my Physiotherapist to understand my condition better & what I should or should not do. Since coming to Physioclinic, I’ve become more aware of the muscle that work around the shoulder and the importance of stretching them before/after any workout. So to those gym friend / regulars who have issue with their body which is hampering you from exercising, Physioclinic is a must stop place to help you achieve a better performance and to lend you an active healthy lifestyle once again!

I have prolapsed intervertebral disc (L3/L4,L4/L5,L5/S1). I was having intense back and leg pain plus numbness and weakness on my left leg. A consultant recommended surgery  but luckily he referred me to Physioclinic to see what the Physiotherapist can help me. I saw Michelle and after her assessment I started on the treatment. After 2 month of physiotherapy my condition has improved so much that I am completely pain free and just a little numbness left on my left leg . My recovery was amazing and surgery was not necessary at all. I would like to say a heartfelt  ‘Thank you’ Michelle andYamuna. Thanks to your caring treatment, I was able to recover so quickly. Thanks to your encouragements as well. I would strongly recommend my friend to consult Physioclinic. Thank you good work. All the best for you all in the new year 2013!

Chia Eng Tat, Maybank Kim Eng Securities PTE LTD.  

Physioclinic has exceeded my expectations! I had constant discomfort in my neck muscles for about two months before hiring Michelle. This discomfort would occur almost daily but I didn’t think twice about it. Michelle’s treatment worked in just one session!
If you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable, personable, and highly effective physiotherapist to remove your pain – Michelle is the one to go to! She is patient, gives solid advice on how to treat your pain, and walks you through every step of your physiotherapy treatment.
Thank you very much Michelle!  You’ve made my life pain-free!

Andy Ling, Consultant (Finance & Accounting)