Physioclinic has improved my life with my leg movement and my walking. I am pleased with the humble staff during my course of treatment in Physioclinic. I will say to my friend and family member Physioclinic is a good clinic Thanks for being patience with me.

Radhakrishnan. G


Help improve my knee and relief the pain so that I can do my daily activities. Friendly physiotherapist!

Norman, student


Physioclinic help to reduce pain and heal my muscles. The staff really listened to my problem and address the problem professionally. The location is very convenient and the staffs really know what they are doing.

Anton Kurniawan.


I feel better now, there’s less pain and tension in my muscles.

Thanks to my  physiotherapist!

It’s really relaxing and has enabled me to dance more freely and with less pain and fear.  It’s a good, effective place to come for physiotherapy.

Wei Ann, Dancer


I came for treatment for joint pain and after two sessions of physio, it felt much better. Physiotherapist is approachable, helpful and friendly. Go for physio and don’t live with unnecessary pain.

Cecilia Pang



The discomfort is gone and my life is back to normal. The exercises that I have to do are simple and I see the good result by perseverance. I highly recommend Physioclinic if you need physiotherapy.

Lynette Lee

House wife


Physioclinic had helped to recover faster and get back to my normal lifting routine. Phyiso is knowledgeable about his profession and he always makes sure that I understood the exercises that I should do at home. He is highly recommended.

K. Surendraraj



My pain level has significantly gone down and I can do my regular activities as usual. I received my treatment from Physioclinic and I was so impressed at his level of understanding. He carefully assessed and the proceeded with the plan of the treatment. I would definitely recommend people to come here.

Bisnupriya Kar



I have stabilized my chronic golfer’s elbow and slowly regaining strength. Very clear instructions from my physiotherapist and what to expect moving forward. Get treatment early with a good specialist. Don’t wait!

Royston Ng



Resolved Chronic Neck, Back Pain caused by injury. Definitely check it out. It can make a huge difference rather than just muscling through with pain. Friendly staff. It has worked.

Peter Jacobson


I am able to use my hand without pain. I can see that my condition improve with every visit. Pain sufferers must seek treatment at Physioclinic early if they detect a problem.

Wai Sook Har


Physioclinic improve my life immensely relieve long term pain that had not been successfully deals with other Physiotherapy. The most courses of treatments are technical knowledge of Physiotherapy. I would definitely recommend this Physioclinic to our friend and family member.


Thanks to Physioclinic and I am able to go back my active lifestyle. The strengthening and stretching exercises are very helpful to me. I will recommend to my friends and my family.

Teo Lay Kheng


Physioclinic has taught me how to strengthen my ankle and reduce the swelling of my ankle with session’s twice a week. The staff  is really friendly and the equipment here is really useful. The exercise taught is really easy get helpful with daily exercise. It really helps to our physical problem without any medicines or surgeries and strengthen that muscle has problem.

Shandy Ng, Student