shldWhat is Scapular (Shoulder Blade) dyskinesia?

Scapular dyskinesia is the change in the normal positioning of the shoulder blade (scapula) or abnormal uncoordinated movement of the shoulder blade and arm. This can give problems to the shoulder joint as well as shoulder pain, instability, weakness and higher risk of shoulder injury.

Causes of Scapular (Shoulder Blade) dyskinesia Problem

There are a number of causes to this shoulder problem:

  • Weakness of the scapular stabilizers due to nerve injury from surgery, impact sports or improper use of arm
  • Muscle tightness or inflexibility of shoulder or surrounding muscles
  • Poor posture, curvature of neck or back
  • Fractures of arm bone or collarbone (clavicle)
  • Shoulder joint or acromioclavicular joint injuries
  • Reduced proprioception (body inability to detect position of the joint sense)
  • Brachial Plexus Injury

Signs and symptoms of scapular (Shoulder Blade) dyskinesia

  • Excessive movement of the scapula.
  • Pain problem around the shoulder joint.
  • Loss of range of the shoulder joint.
  • Inability to raise the arm.
  • Winging shoulder blade

Physiotherapy Treatment for Scapular (Shoulder Blade) dyskinesia Problem

Most of the problems in the shoulder blade can be treated by physiotherapist. Physiotherapy treatment would depend on the clinical condition, but in most cases would include:

  • Pain Relief and Tissue Repair Treatments
  • Electrical stimulation for muscle strengthening
  • Active Joint Range of movement
  • Massage to release muscle tightness
  • Shoulder strengthening and joint stabilisation exercises
  • Shoulder proprioceptive exercises

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