elbowElbow pain is a common complain and there are many causes to elbow problems. Elbow pain can limit an individual performing simple daily activities, work or sports.

Causes of Elbow Pain:

– Overuse

– Inflammation

– Injury or fall

– Incorrect sports techniques

Common Conditions of Elbow Pain:

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) 

Golfer’s Elbow 

– Fractures/ Dislocations

When do you need to see a Physiotherapist for Elbow Pain?

– Inability to bend or straighten elbow

– Elbow pain at rest or morning/night

– Inability to carry or lift things

– Weakness of elbow muscles

–  Pain in Elbow unresolved for few days

– Signs of inflammation

How can Physiotherapy treat pain in Elbow?

The treatment of elbow pain depends on the cause.

Physiotherapy treatment may include pain relief treatments such as ultrasound, electrotherapy, laser to stimulate collagen tissue repair. Manual Therapy such as elbow joint mobilisation, soft tissue release massage, nerve stretching. Flexibility and strengthening of forearm muscles.

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