xrampWhat is Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps are strong powerful contractions of the muscle which causes sharp acute pain and inability to move the related joint. Cramps comes quick and intense. Some people get muscle cramps more than rest, or some muscles affected more frequently.

Eg calf cramp, hamstring cramp.

What are the causes of muscle cramps?

– Poor blood circulation

– Mineral/Electrolyte imbalances (Eg after sports or exertion during hot weather)

–  Lack of exercise and stretching

– Tight muscles

– Overuse of particular muscle

– Pregnancy

– Medication side effects

– Spinal problems, radiculopathy

Treatment for Muscle Cramps

Most people know what they are experiencing when they have a muscle cramp so they don’t seek medical doctor consultation to find out what they are and what caused them.

The immediate action for reducing the muscle cramping is:

– Stop activity and rest

– Stretching muscles

– Cold/ Heat Therapy

– Gentle Massage

Effective Treatments Solution for Muscle Cramps:

Pain Relief Therapy: Using pain relieving treatment modalites such as Ultrasound , electrical stimulation, TENS, laser, heat therapy to reduce pain, tissue repair and healing

 Physiotherapy: Your physiotherapist will understand about your injury and perform physical examinations. Your conditions will be diagnose and explain before implementing solutions to your muscle cramp

 Medical Exercise Therapy: Specific targeted exercises to relieve muscle tightness, correct muscle imbalance. Long term progressive exercises are important to prevent muscle cramp. Exercises are guided by therapist to correct possible incorrect compensatory movement and ensure proper posture alignment, technique and muscle activation.

– Stretch Therapy: Using a variety of different active or passive stretching methods to improve muscle length, reduce muscle tension

– Massage Therapy:  Hands-on technique such as soft tissue release, deep friction massage, myofascial release, trigger points release to ease muscle pain and muscle tightness

Shockwave Therapy: Advanced high energy pulses effective for chronic, persistent  muscle tightness, trigger points to stimulate healing

– Dry Needling

– Manual Therapy: Passive joint mobilisation, manipulation, manual traction, craniosacral therapy

–  Education: Advice to improve posture, lifestyle modifications, ergonomics workstation adjustment. stress reductions

Our unique treatment approach for Muscle Cramp

At heal360 Physioclinic, our physiotherapist and rehabilitation therapist experts has developed a proprietary signature program for the Muscle Cramp – PainRelief360™ Program 

Our therapist will perform a thorough assessment and determine the potential cause of the problem, and will develop a management and best treatment program for your muscle cramp: re-educate, re-train your muscles, and give you a renewed life!

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