xrampWhat is Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps are strong powerful contractions of the muscle which causes sharp acute pain and inability to move the related joint. Cramps comes quick and intense. Some people get muscle cramps more than rest, or some muscles affected more frequently, Eg calf cramp, hamstring cramp.

What are the causes of muscle cramps?

– Poor blood circulation

– Mineral/Electrolyte imbalances (Eg after sports or exertion during hot weather)

–  Lack of exercise and stretching

– Tight muscles

– Overuse of particular muscle

– Pregnancy

– Medication side effects

– Spinal problems, radiculopathy

Treatment for Muscle Cramps

Most people know what they are experiencing when they have a muscle cramp so they don’t seek medical doctor consultation to find out what they are and what caused them.

The immediate action for reducing the muscle cramping is:

– Stop activity and rest

– Stretching muscles

– Cold/ Heat Therapy

– Gentle Massage

Physiotherapy for Muscle Cramps

Sometimes muscle cramps are more serious, frequent lengthy, and unbearably painful.

The type of treatments required for muscle cramps depends on what is causing them, eg spinal problems, muscle tightness.

When you first visit heal360 Physioclinic, our therapist will  take your medical history and do a physical examination. Therapist need to understand when the cramps began, how long you been having them, how long they last, and what are you usually doing when they start. Other questions, such as are you pregnant? Our therapist will also need to know how much and how often you exercise.

Let our therapist know if there are any other pain areas that happen at the same time.

To speak to our therapist regarding muscle cramps, Call 62244178 or  SMS 9639 0509