Slipped disc is one of the most common neck and back pain condition. Other closely related disc condition’s terms used – disc degeneration, disc prolapse, disc bulge, ruptured disc, disc compression, herniated disc, pinched nerve, sciatic, disc disease.

It can happen in any level of the spine. Disc is located between bones of the spine (vertebrae-backbone) and function as a shock absorbers.

What is a Slipped Disc?

Slipped disc is a painful medical condition affecting the spine. Most commonly affect region is L4/L5, L5/ S1. It occurs when the disc annular fibrous ruptures or gel-like fluid slips out of place and leak out.

Causes of Slipped Disc

– Daily wear and tear of spine or back bone

– Sudden injuries or repeated strain

– Poor posture in sitting, carrying heavy things, twisting

Stages of Slipped Disc

Slipped discs cause for neck and back pain
Slipped Disc Treatments at Different Stages



1) Disc Degeneration/ Protrusion: Weakening of nucleus pulposus (inner gel like substances)

2) Disc Prolapse: Some inner layers of annular fibrosus are torn, gel starts to seep out

3) Disc Extrusion: Gel like nucleus pulposus breaks through annular fibrosus.

4) Disc Sequestration: Nucleus pulposus moves outside the disc and into spinal canal.

Majority of disc pain will occur at between backbone disc level of L4-L5, L5-S1.

Signs and Symptoms of Slipped Disc:

–  May be dull or sharp pain, muscle spasm or cramping, weakness, tingling, or referred pain.
–  For neck pain, symptoms may radiate to arms. For back pain, symptoms may radiate to legs. (Weakness, tingling, pins and needles sensation)

– For worst cases, loss of bladder or bowel control. Unsteady in walking. Difficulty sleeping or awaken by pain. Sexual Dysfunction

Treatments for Slipped Disc

There are many ways of treating slipped disc such as physiotherapy, TCM, chiropractor, osteopaths, massage therapy.  Physiotherapy is one of the recommended treatments by many doctors for a slipped disc and can help speed along your recovery as it is able to mobilise the spine back into the correct position.

How Can physiotherapy help slipped disc?

At heal360 Physioclinic, our therapists often work with slipped disc conditions. We strongly believe in treating everyone as a unique individual and draw up the best recovery plan. There are often times when a people believes they have a slipped disc, when it is actually just a back strain or acute symptoms. Our therapists do not just treat symptoms and relief the symptomatic pain, but finding the root causes and prevention of reoccurrence of slipped disc pain.

Common Physiotherapy Treatments for Slipped Disc:

– Traction

Spinal decompression therapy 

– Joint mobilisation

– Clinical Massage

– Pain Relief Treatments: Ultrasound, Electrical Therapy

– Core stability back strengthening

– Clinical Pilates

By seeking help immediately when you begin to suffer the pain associated with a slipped disc, you have a good chance of recovery. This means you can quickly get back to doing the things you enjoy the most.

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