hipPain in the hip and groin region can be difficult to treat and recover fast.

The pain can be direct from the hip joint, hip surrounding muscles, ligaments or referred from the spine.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. It is a large and stable joint. Both the ball and socket are lined with cushioning tissue called cartilage. The ball is anchored firmly into the socket with tough connective tissue called ligaments. The muscles of the legs overlay these ligaments.

Causes of Hip Pain

Hip and pelvis pain and injuries can result from a fall, direct blow, sudden turning, twist, or excessive muscle contraction.

Sports that often cause injury include soccer, hockey, martial arts, dancing, tennis, sprinting.

Hip pain can be also mix of overuse and trauma. This could be poor posture and sports technique of a sprint this could overload the groin structures and one accident of sudden turn or twist, this could cause injury, leading to pain.

Other causes of hip pain:

– Stiffness and muscle tightness of lower back/ pelvis/ hip area

– Muscle weakness or imbalance

– Poor alignment of lower back/ pelvis/ leg

– Leg length discrepancy

– Feet problems eg flatfeet, low arch, high arch

– Over training

– Systemic disease, tumor

Common Hip Pain and Injuries Conditions:

– Muscle/tendon strain such as the adductors, gluteus medius, iliopsoas, rectus femoris, iliopsoas

– Snapping Hip

– Bursitis

– Gluteal Tendinopathy

– Groin Strain

–  Hip Arthritis

– Avascular Necrosis

What can Physiotherapy do for Hip Pain?

Our physiotherapist at Physioclinic will do assessment and physical examination of the hip region. After a comprehensive assessment, our Physiotherapists will be able to provide a rationale as to what structures are causing the hip pain and provide a rehabilitation therapy plan for the individual.

Treatment aims to stop pain, optimising healing and facilitating normal recovery. Hip pain can be treated with Physiotherapy using different techniques and treatments to help alleviate hip pain:

– Pain Relief and Tissue Repair Treatments: Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, TENS, laser

– Exercise: Stretching and strengthening

– Massage: deep tissue massage

– Manual therapy: joint mobilisation, manipulation

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