Groin Pain & Physiotherapy
Groin Pain & Physiotherapy

Groin pain (area between inner thigh) is a common pain indicating hip joint problem, muscle pull, strain or tear.

Pain in the groin is difficult to treat and long lasting.

Causes of Groin Pain

– trauma

– sports injuries, common sports are running, jumping, swimming, soccer, gymnast, karate, dancing

– pulled muscle: hip adductor strain, hip flexors (sudden contraction of muscles due to change in direction, speed)

– hip arthritis/ bursitis

– fracture of hip, stress fractures

– ligament sprain

– referred pain from back: sciatica, pinched nerve

– cancer or vascular disease

Sign & Symptoms of Groin Pain

– Pain & Inflammation

– Sharp pull sensation in inner thigh

– Swelling

– Muscle spasm, weakness

– Difficulty walking or running

Physiotherapy Treatment for Groin pain

Physiotherapy treatment should be commenced as soon as possible for a faster recovery from groin pain
Our physiotherapists will identify the root cause of your groin pain, which may be due to:

– Stiffness or poor alignment of the lower back / pelvis / hip areas

– Muscle imbalance and muscle inflexibility

– Leg length discrepancy

– Feet problems, e.g. low arches

-Training: over-training, poor surface, wrong sports technique

– Impact or trauma or Systemic diseases

After physio assessment, our therapists will develop a treatment plan to reduce pain and swelling, regain range of movement and muscle strength and gradually get you back to your hobbies and daily tasks.

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapy treatment may include:

– Pain Relief/ Tissue healing: Ultrasound, TENS, electrical stimulation

– Massage: soft tissue relase

– Manual therapy: joint mobilisation/ manipulation

– Therapeutic exercise: progressive flexibility and strengthening program, Core stability and balance work

– Sports specific: Gradual return to sports

Physiotherapist at Physioclinic will fasten your healing and ensure you return to sport or everyday activities safely and effectively.

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