knee pain
Knee Pain

Front knee pain, medical term anterior knee pain, is the pain in front of the knee.

Different knee conditions due to pain at knee front:

– Patellofemoral Knee Pain: Aching knee pain due to malalignment of knee cap

– Chondromalacia Patella: Damage to cartilage at back of the knee cap

Patella Tendinitis / Tendinopathy (Jumper’s knee)

– Patella Tendon Tear: Full or partial tear in the tendon under kneecap

– Quadriceps Tear: Tear or strain on front thigh muscles

– Pre-patella bursitis (Housemaid knee): inflammation of bursa at the front of knee due to kneeling, fall, impact

– Osgood Schlatters: Pain under knee cap at tibial tuberosity, seen in children and teens

– Patella fracture: crack or broken patella bone

– Patella dislocation: knee cap moves outside of knee joint

Causes of Front Knee Pain:

– Flat feet

– Poor alignment of patella and knee joint

– Muscle tightness: quads, hamstring

– Overloading, stress on knee cap (such as running, jumping, soccer)

– Joint inflammation: Knee arthritis

Signs and Symptoms of Front Knee Pain:

– Dull aching knee pain: behind patella, below patella, side of knee cap

– pain on going down stairs, running down hill, squatting or standing for long

Physiotherapy Treatments for Front Knee Pain

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapist will perform a assessment, biomechanics evaluation and physical examination of your knee.

Physiotherapy for pain in front knee may include:

Pain Relief / Tissue healing: Ultrasound, TENS, electrical stimulation

– Sports Taping/ Kinesio Taping

– Knee guard, flat feet orthosis

– Joint mobilisations and manipulation

Sports massage

– Sports Specific Exercise Training

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