What is Patellar dislocation/ subluxation?

Patellar dislocation is displacement of the knee cap out from the normal position, it due to damage of the soft tissues surrounding the knee cap (patella).

Patella subluxation is a unstable kneecap which glides up and down out of knee glove. Subluxation is more common than dislocation and happens in woman.

Structure of Knee
Structure of Knee

What are causes of the Patella dislocation

  • Sudden change in directions
  • Excessive twisting or jumping forces
  • Hyper flexibility of the connective tissues
  • Tightness muscles
  • Weakness of the knee muscles

Signs and symptoms of patellar dislocation

  • Swelling of the knee
  • Feeling the knee ‘ giving out’ or  ‘ popping out ’
  • Sudden or intensive pain in front the knee
  • Clicking or gridding of the knee
  • Sharp pain of the knee during high impact activities.

Physiotherapy treatment for patellar dislocation

Our physiotherapists at Physioclinic provide specialized assessment and treatment for people with patella dislocation/ subluxation.

Physiotherapy treatment may initially reduce pain and swelling, range of motion and strength will be restored as quickly as possible through

  • Ice or Heat Therapy
  • Soft tissues massage and joint mobilization
  • Pain relief treatments: Electrical stimulation, Ultrasound
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Balance training
  • Proprioception training
  • Weight loss if necessary
  • Patella taping
  • Knee immobilization braces

To find out solutions to treat patella dislocations/ patella subluxation, please speak to our physiotherapist: 62244178 or 96390509