What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

A Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) also known as Runner’s Knee. It is inflammation or overuse of the soft tissues and cause of the Patella- Femoral joint capsule to damage.

What causes of the Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

  • Tightness of the quadriceps and calf
  • Poor jumping ability
  • Weakness of quadriceps (VMO)
  • Poor balance
  • Shallow femoral groove
  • Femoral deformity

 Common Signs and symptoms

  • Front knee pain
  • Pain around the knee or inside the knee cap
  • Clicking or gridding sounds during bending and strengthening of the knee
  • Sharp pain of the knee during high impact activities.
  • May experiences giving way of the knee
  • Weakness of the knee muscles


Physiotherapy treatment for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Our physiotherapists at Physioclinic provide specialized assessment and treatment for people with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Physiotherapy treatment goals is to reduce pain and swelling, range of motion and strength will be restored as quickly as possible through:

  • Ice or Heat Therapy
  • Soft tissues massage and joint mobilization
  • Pain relief treatments: Electrical stimulation, Ultrasound
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Balance training
  • Proprioception training
  • Weight loss if necessary
  • Joint support such as taping or braces
  • Biomechanics correction

To assess if you are suffering from knee pain problem due to Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, please speak to our physiotherapists: 62244178/ 96390509