Physiotherapy for Pre-patella Bursitis
Physiotherapy for Pre-patella Bursitis



What is Pre-Patella (top kneecap)Bursitis?

Pre-Patella Bursitis, also known as ‘housemaid’s knee’, is the most common type of knee bursitis, located at the top of the kneecap.  

Causes of Pre-Patella Bursitis

  • Overuse
  • Direct blow to front knee
  • Chronic friction such as kneeling
  • Common sports injuries for wrestling, volleyball where fall and land on knees


Signs and Symptoms of Pre-Patella (Top kneecap) Bursitis

  • Pain
  • Swelling over front of the knee
  • Limited movement when bend or straightening knee
  • Kneeling is painful
  • Relieved with rest and sitting

Physiotherapy Treatment for Pre-Patella (top kneecap) Bursitis Pain

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapist’s goal is to help you relief your kneecap pain or discomfort, return to your sports, work or daily activities as soon as possible.  

Physiotherapy Treatments may include:  

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