Scar Tissues

Most people understand scars that form as a result of a cut, as they are easy to see, but scar also forms internally when we injure our muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Normal tissue in the body has a consistent form and our healthy skeletal muscle tissue is formed of collagen that sits in an organized fashion (for istance lined up parallel to one another).  It allows for normal contraction and flexibility.

When scar tissue forms after injury, our body produces collagen excessively.  The initial production of granulation is necessary to provide tensile strength to the injury site.  In certain circumstances, the granulation leads to contraction of the scar and to poor structural organisation of the components of regenerating muscle and scar tissue.  It does not appear organized, rather appears to form in a haphazard fashion.  This leads to a lack of flexibility in the tissue and often this poor structural organization can cause pain and dysfunction.

Scar tissue is one of the MAIN reasons why your injury just hasn’t healed.

Even when the inflammation is gone, scar tissue will still be there to wreak havoc on the elasticity of your muscle and range of motion. On-going issues with scar tissue can even result in a worsening muscle tear, a full rupture, related soft tissue injuries to nearby tendons or ligaments, hip & knee joint instability, or surgery may be the only solution.

Scar tissue is a major problem especially when it comes to a muscle injury – causing your injury to take months or even YEARS to completely heal!

Shockwave therapy is one of the effective way to break down the scar tissues that has been hindering your full recovery.

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