Most people understand scars that form as a result of a cut, as they are easy to see, but scar also forms internally when we injure our muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Normal tissue in the body has a consistent form and our healthy skeletal muscle tissue is formed of collagen that sits in an organized fashion (for istance lined up parallel to one another).  It allows for normal contraction and flexibility.

When scar tissue forms after injury, our body produces collagen excessively.  The initial production of granulation is necessary to provide tensile strength to the injury site.  In certain circumstances, the granulation leads to contraction of the scar and to poor structural organisation of the components of regenerating muscle and scar tissue.  It does not appear organized, rather appears to form in a haphazard fashion.  This leads to a lack of flexibility in the tissue and often this poor structural organization can cause pain and dysfunction.

Scar tissue is one of the MAIN reasons why your injury just hasn’t healed.

Even when the inflammation is gone, scar tissue will still be there to wreak havoc on the elasticity of your muscle and range of motion. On-going issues with scar tissue can even result in a worsening muscle tear, a full rupture, related soft tissue injuries to nearby tendons or ligaments, hip & knee joint instability, or surgery may be the only solution.

Scar tissue is a major problem especially when it comes to a muscle injury – causing your injury to take months or even YEARS to completely heal!

Shockwave therapy is one of the effective way to break down the scar tissues that has been hindering your full recovery.

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Most of us will think that falling is NOT big a deal. You just get up and move on. However, it may pose a massive problem to the elderly patient, the family and society in general.

For older adults, a fall is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation, loss of quality of life and physical function. It also causes an elderly to lose confidence in their own mobility and feel hopelessness which leads to depression and social isolation.  This article will aim to highlight the true impact of falling.

Impact on the Patient

Facts about how falls affect the elderly.

  • 20-30% of those who fall suffer moderate to severe physical injuries including breaks, cuts, and bruising which often required medical attention.
  • Falls often result in long-term pain and disability.
  • Falls involving a hip fracture lead to 10-15% reduction in life expectancy.
  • Older adults who fall are likely to worry about the future and loss of independence.
  • Loss of self-esteem and mobility leads to decreased activity and eventually inability to perform activities of daily living. This may cause recurrent falls.
  • Elderly are less likely to take part in beneficial activities like exercising or socializing because of a fear of getting hurt again and the embarrassment of a fall.

Impact on the Family

The effects of a fall go beyond the individual and reach into the lives of family members and friends. A fall can result in:

  • The financial obligation of health care and recovery: the medical bill for recovery from the fall can be very expensive, especially if a surgery is required to allow the patient to recover from the resulting injury. On the longer term, because the patient will likely require more specialised care due to their loss of activity, the cost can increase exponentially.
  • Increased time spent on care of the older adult: spending more time to ensure the safety and health of the patient can become the centre of the family member’s lives and limit their decision-making ability.

Impact on the System

Collectively, falls in older adults are a major burden on the health care system

  • The elderly are hospitalized five times more often for fall-related injuries than any other injury.
  • Falls lead to increased use of emergency room resources, hospital admissions and extended stays.

Often older adults feel that falls are the result of an accident when in most cases the cause is PREVENTABLE!

There are simple steps that you could take to prevent falls in an older adult. Enlisting the help of a physiotherapist is one of the best way to help. A good therapist will be able to assess the cause of falls and improve their strength, endurance, gait and balance. In addition to that, they can assess the home environment for falls hazard and suggest improvement to minimise the risk.

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We are only happy when you are. So it’s particularly awesome when we hear from our patients below:

Improve my back weakness
Improve my back weakness

Physiotherapy has lightened up the importance of stretching before and after exercise.

Therapist taught me different exercises to improve my back weakness.

She was really patient with me, the back student.

I would tell my friends to visit Physioclinic and she can help you out not leaving problems in the future. Physioclinic is waiting for you.

Fabio Panser, Banking

I can now move my arm with a lot more range since my accident. YPhysiotherapist treatment has allowed me to improve my range of movement after each session.

I am pleased that I have been given exercises to follow at home. I had very clear instructions as to what was going to happen in terms of the process and recovery period. I have improved a lot.

Physioclinic time’s slots and hours open are flexible.

Therapist has a very friendly and happy disposition throughout my treatment.

Tara, Overseas Family School Teacher

I came from Indonesia for treatment of jaw pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.
I came from Indonesia for treatment of jaw pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

I came from Indonesia to Singapore for treatment of jaw pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

I saw improvement in my condition. It has been very helpful to have Physioclinic treat me. Therapist gave me trigger point massage and shows me all exercises that I need to do. She is very good in what she is doing and friendly.

I would recommend to my friends.

Henny, IT analyst

I am stronger and feel better. My ankle used to swell after a run but now I am able to run in comfort.

I have learnt since that Physiotherapy is not only about recovery but it is also about getting stronger and healthier physically and mentally.

I am actually encouraging my friends and colleagues who have been inactive to call Physioclinic. Try it!

Physiotherapist has also given me specialized and step by step programme, and confidence to head back to the gym.

Thank you, Physioclinic!

Dayangku Nuurul, Teacher

..built up confidence in her physical movement..
..built up confidence in her physical movement..

Physiotherapist has built up confidence of my mother-in law in her physical movement without additional help of a walking aid.

Therapist has good patience with old person, encouraging her and also knows how to deal with her.

Joyce Chan (Daughter in law)

Physiotherapy has improved my physical mobility and body posture.

Physioclinic has good form of therapy for those who have lower back problems.

Physiotherapist has taught me various useful techniques that are easy to remember and yet effective. She is also patience.

Job well done!

Leong Yin Chiew Shawn, Auditor

My pain had been relieved
My pain had been relieved

I felt my condition had improved from the start I came.

My therapist is very friendly and she is very concerned about my problem. She patiently coaches me throughout my treatment and put me at ease.

My pain had been relieved and I have reduced in taking medication.

I will recommend to my friends and patients to seek physiotherapy from Physioclinic if they have any pain problem.

Amutha, Thomas Clinic & Surgery

80% of my life has improved after coming to Physioclinic.

Before I come to Physioclinic, I used to have aching at back and sometimes difficulty in breathing at night and can’t sleep well. But now I am free from everything.

Physiotherapy is not only concern about my condition; she also looks at what we are really having problems with. She is very knowledgeable and well experienced.

I’ll definitely recommend Physioclinic because after doing therapy, I feel so much better.

Maria, Housewife

Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain
Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain

Physiotherapy helped my son recover from his hamstring injury very quickly. After just one session he felt so much better.

Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain, as well as teaches you the correct exercises to be done for certain areas.

Therapist not only concentrated on his problem areas, she also helped my son to re-learn walking properly.

The therapist is knowledgeable, friendly and puts my son at ease

Bryan’s mother, Mrs Tan

best method of treatment for recovery.
best method of treatment for recovery.

I suffered from facial palsy.
Before physiotherapy, my face was different. And now after the treatment, I can see my face has been recovered like which was earlier.
I would recommend to a friend who has problems, to see Physioclinic. This is the best method of treatment for recovery.

Also, I am very pleased by the way I was treated by my physiotherapist.

Joel Yuvaraj, Machinest

I played tennis on weekly basis. Unfortunately, I strained my lower back at last game. Could not bend my back and struggled to get out of bed. Thought was serious back injury. Fortunately, I was diagnosed as muscle strain and compressed nerve.

I would advise my friends to check with doctor if injury is serious and warrant medical treatment. If not, Physioclinic will be the right place for strained muscle or non-surgical required sport injury.

Physiotherapist is patient and give instructions at a comfortable pace.

Cheong Yew Meng

I have no more pain when playing golf
I have no more pain when playing golf

Physiotherapy reduces pain on my hand and I can play games without braces.

I am very pleased that I have no more pain when playing golf. I have learnt from the sport therapist some new useful exercises that prepare the body for sports.

I would recommend my friends to consult a physiotherapist whenever they feel pain in their muscles and joints.

Eric J P Ng, Management Consultant
I have a bad injury on my spine and doctor says I maybe paralysis. I was sad that I am unable to walk and bedridden when my therapist came for the first time.

I have so much improvement and now I am able to walk using crutches. She has helped me alot and improved my qualify of life.

Therapist has done a very good job and taught me many exercises that made me walk again.

Thank you Physioclinic.

Karna, Steel Filter

I will advise everyone to go to Physioclinic
I will advise everyone to go to Physioclinic

My life has improved > 80% after coming to Physioclinic. My pain had greatly reduced. I have recommended my sister and her friends to Physioclinic and they feel much better too.

My physiotherapist really cares and concern about my problem. She is very knowledgeable and teaches me a lot of exercises.

I will advise everyone to go to Physioclinic and I can guarantee 95% that they will be cure.

Lichimy, Housewife

Ever felt pain while walking up or down a stairs? Or maybe even squatting? One of the most common conditions that you might be suffering from is called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome( PFPS ), layman term as “runner’s knee” or as the”anterior knee pain”. It is mainly due to excessive Patellofemoral joint pressure from poor kneecap alignment, which affects the joint surface behind the kneecap.

What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Aching kneecaps or patellofemoral pain affect 25% of the population at some time in their lives but it is more common in athletes. The sports where patellofemoral pain syndrome is typically seen are those when running, jumping and landing or the squatting position is required.

PFPS is more common during adolescence as the long bones are growing faster than the muscles, tendons and ligaments, putting abnormal stresses on the joints. Active children who do not stretch the appropriate muscles tend to have patellar malalignment.

The most common causes of patellar malalignment are due to abnormal muscle imbalance and poor biomechanical control. Normally patella glides up and down through the femoral groove. While the knee is bent, pressure between the kneecap and the groove will increase. Vastus lateralis and IT band tightness, muscle weakness (VMO), too much exercise and abnormal lower body biomechanics (lower limbs) collectively have been found to be causes of PFPS. Together, these causes may lead to the increased patellar ‘maltracking’, breakdown of cartilage and increased shearing friction on femur. The friction can be accumulated by undergoing repeated trauma, which can lead to kneecap pain, joint irritation and joint degeneration

How do I treat PFPS?

Initially, you can try icing your knee. Icing is a simple and effective modality to reduce your pain and swelling during the acute stage. Applying for 20-30 minutes each 2 to 4 hours during the initial phase or when you notice that the knee is warm or hot.

However, seeking professionals will help increase the chances of fully curing PFPS.

Physiotherapy intervention has been proven to be a very effective short and long-term solution for kneecap pain. Studies have proved that approximately 90% of PFPS patients will be pain-free within six weeks of starting a physiotherapy rehabilitation program for PFPS.

Using different kinds of techniques, therapist will focus on relieving the pain first. Regaining full range of passive motion and restoring full muscle length will be the next target for the treatment to improve your lower limb biomechanics and muscle balance.

Physioclinic’s therapists will tailor an individualised exercise program for patients, assisting them return to sports. Upon the consultation, they will discuss your goals and expectation, time frames and training schedules to optimise you for a complete and safe return to sports  through a rehabilitation program which perfectly minimising the risk of future reinjures.

However surgery may be required to repair associated injuries that are severely damaged or arthritic joint surfaces.

Recovery is the process of returning an individual muscle to its pre exercise state. There are many ways to speed up recovery due to sport injury.

Using the PRICE method, the PRICE acronym stands for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.

First, protect the injured by using supports to prevent further injury, rest to avoid any activities to strain the affected area. Ice to temporary relief short-term rest, ice helps reduce swelling by reducing blood flow to affect areas. Compression help reduces the swelling on affect areas. Lastly, Elevation reduces swelling by lifting the affected area above the level of the heart and also reduces the amount of blood flow to the affected area.

Our therapist will need to assess the severity and stage of the injured condition before implementing the best appropriate treatment methods to aid in recovery. Some of the methods may include using massage, heat treatment, ultrasound therapy, alternating hot–cold water treatment and rehabilitation are also useful to speed up recovery.

Massage is able to enhance the recovery time by being directed to the affected area and also relax the musclo-skeletal system. Massaging the affected area increase the blood flow of the tense and pressured muscles where the circulation is inhibited. Blood contains oxygen and other substances that are important for the growth and repair the tissues. It can also enhance the circulation of blood flow of the joints, ligaments and tendons (Jari Ylinen, Mel Cash, 1988).

Heat treatment uses heat pads, wheat bag, and deep heat cream to be applying on the affected area. As heat causes the dilation of the blood vessels which allows more blood to the affected area stimulating the area that being damage and heal it. However, heat treatment can only be used on an injury that is older than 48 hours. Using heat treatment on a new injury will make the situation worse by causing the injured area to bleed more around it. Ice treatment uses ice packs on the affected area helps to prevent bleeding and inflammation, also reduce spasm or pain to the muscles and numbing the area that’s painful and limit the swelling effects.

Ultrasound therapy uses high energy sound waves, that helps reduce swelling, chronic inflammation and promote the healing process of fracture bone as it stimulate the flow of the blood in the affected area.

Hot and cold immersion therapy uses alternation of warm water and cold water to reduce swelling of the surrounding affected areas or assist with the recovery from exercise and enhance the recovery of the muscle as the levels of blood lactate concentration is being reduced. As warm water dilation the blood vessels allowing the blood flow through the affected area, which able to deliver vitamins, blood cells and nutrients to help heal the affected area. Following by using the cold water which causes the narrowing of the blood vessels which decrease the blood flowing through the affected area reduce inflammation and pain as it limits the blood flowing and lymph fluids to the affected area. However avoid using this therapy during the acute inflammation stage which lasts for about 72 hours.

Rehabilitation programme progressively introducing the affected area with exercises and movement to help the affected area return to its normal function. This will help to mobilize the affected area as soon as possible and enhance the recovery process.

With the different methods and treatments, we are able to enhance and speed up the recovery process of the affected area.

Early Verus Delayed Rehabilitation after Acute Muscle Injury

Quoted from Research:

Starting rehabilitation 2 days after injury rather than waiting for 9 days shortened the interval from injury to pain-free recovery and return to sports by 3 weeks without any significant increase in the risk of reinjury. The observed difference supports the importance of early loading of injured musculotendinous tissue. Immobilization can swiftly and adversely affect muscle and tendon structure and function and has detrimental effects on connective-tissue cells

Testimonials from Professional Sports Athletes, World renown Artistes, Overseas visitors, Professionals, Business Owners…We treat people from all walks of life. If you are here, you probably are seeking superior treatment compared to what you previously received. Our patients are like you too! You’ve come to the right place!


IMG_8842I will definitely recommend Physioclinic to my friends. I will definitely tell my friends about the treatment which I got here. Friendly and kind Physiotherapist and staff. The equipment and facilities were well kept and clean. Lots of improvement after I took 5 sessions of physio. The pain is almost gone. Thanks for the help.
Professional Accountant

IMG_8841It has helped me realize and look forward to being fully functional again with less dependence on traction machine. Every visit makes a difference to my health and well-being. The exercises given to me are really useful and effective. I really appreciate my therapist, for his competence in helping me get better, explaining well to help me understand the essence of what I need to do.



To the large extent felt looser and more nimble after training and fight. Therapist is meticulous and friendly. I would definitely recommend Physioclinic to anyone.

Singapore MMA Champion of ONE FC

roystonAs a professional MMA fighter, injuries from training does happen from time to time. Physioclinic has been the place I go to when I sustained injuries or when I need to loosen my fatigue body. The equipment are used truly helped me a lot together with the professional service that the staff provided. It is truly a place to go when I need to treat my body.
Singapore MMA Champion of UFC

Muscle relief immediately, having a sports massage therapist at Physioclinic that really knew how to treat an athlete. The best sports massage i have had in years. If you’re in Singapore and need to loosen up the old body, I highly recommend visiting Pia at Physioclinic. Thanks!
Indonesia MMA Champion & Bantamweight fighter in ONE FC

”…recovering fast from my injuries, enable to go back for training stronger.”

Physiotherapy has really help me a lot in recovering fast from my injuries, enable to go back for training stronger. Looking for physio?

Physioclinic is definitely the one that cares and gets u well.

Tan Chin Boon

Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer

2009 – Fly Weight 1st Runner Up

2010 – Bantam Weight 5th, Classic 3rd

2011- Light Weight 1st Runner Up


khitPhysioclinic does an awesome job of rehabilitation for our clients with musculoskeletal problems. Their approach is professional, safe yet effective. Their therapists are very friendly and approachable. Pain is almost always eliminated, sometimes in a few as one session of treatment. Highly recommended! 2 thumbs up!

Chung Tze Khit, Managing Director

Gold’s Gym Personal Training

Results Personal Training (Singapore)

Physiotherapist has given me hope that it can help heal myself. The spirit and talent of my Miss Michelle. I am blessed to have come to Singapore to have treatment with Michelle. Michelle processes a special gift.

Theresa Treadway Lloyd



I am a visitor from England. The treatment at Physioclinic is superior to treatment I received at home. More modern techniques.


Easier to walk after treatment!

Carol Whitsmore, England Visitor



I came from Indonesia to Singapore for treatment of jaw pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

I saw improvement in my condition. It has been very helpful to have Yamuna treat me. She gave me trigger point massage and shows me all exercises that I need to do. She is very good in what she is doing and friendly.

I would recommend to my friends.

Henny,  IT analyst




Physioclinic makes the pain at my ankle go away really fast in such a short period of time. And that I can go back to dance fully.

The treatment is very relaxing. The staffs are very nice. Yamuna is very friendly and gives me good suggestions about the injury.

Physioclinic is amazing! I like how this place helps me so much & that I don’t have to go see the doctor & always have to hear him say I must stop dancing!

Lalita Jantaro, Dancer from Thailand


sarahPhysioclinic had helped me to be conscious for my posture. After being taught of the simple exercises, my knees are on the road to recover. I noticed that on each session that I had with him, my knees are better and stronger and I am very pleased with that. Look for Physioclinic, physio is helpful and patient.
Sarah Lek


My pain level has significantly gone down and I can do my regular activities as usual. I received my treatment from Physioclinic and I was so impressed at his level of understanding. He carefully assessed and the proceeded with the plan of the treatment. I would definitely recommend people to come here.

Bisnupriya Kar



First and foremost i would like to thank you for all the patience and help that you have extended to my father.

I want to thank you for your contribution to my father’s recovery. The program you have developed is exceptionally good.
From the day we arrived we felt completely “at home” – thanks to a terrific staff (Ms. Yamuna and the rest of the staff) who are not only very skilled in what they do, but certainly know how to give a lot of TLC! In Just after 20 sessions my father has shown improvement. He definitely has more energy. He seems to have a more positive attitude than before. We’re very impressed with Ms. Yamuna’s vast knowledge and her attention to detail. She goes that “extra mile”!

Again Thank you and certainly we will be back.”

Myrell Verzosa, Overseas Visitor from Philipines


”…one of the best physio team in Singapore”

PhysioClinic and her team have always been to us, one of the best physio teams in Singapore, and one of our most valued partners, supporting our personal training clients. We will highly recommend!

Jonathan Chew
Founder & CEO, Absolute Living

Physioclinic has well qualified practitioner who takes a caring and personal approach to therapy. I especially like the way physio meticulously works on my injuries while at the same time tries to make me understand what the issues are so that I can also help myself. Definitely recommended!
Subra Chettiar
Managing Director


extremely helpful in putting people back on their feet
”…extremely helpful in putting people back on their feet”

Physioclinic has excellent professional, with modern techniques and equipment, as well as a communicative can-do and witty attitude. Physio is therefore extremely helpful in putting people back on their feet, literally.

Olivier Amprimo






''...long-standing aches and pains that I no longer felt them.. ''
”…long-standing aches and pains that I no longer felt them..”

Before consulting with Physioclinic, I had lived with such long-standing aches and pains that I no longer felt them very much. I consulted mainly because my neck was feeling the ache more than usual.
My physio not only looked at my neck, she also gave me the “once over” and found another potential problem area. Or two.
After my session, my aches and pains lessened considerably. She also taught me exercises which are easy to do and convenient to fit into my regular routine. Physioclinic’s follow up is superb and I am reminded to continue to strengthen my weaker areas to prevent future health problems as much as possible.
Two thumbs up to Physioclinic!!”

Ng Lin-Di

Michelle RAWKS! I’ve been suffering such a pain in the neck for the last 3 weeks and seen 2 sinsehs, 2 kinds of massage therapists and one bomoh with no results except temporary relief.  But Michelle put it right for me today and did the same for Lucy! This is the 1st day of peace for me and it’s been great! If you are in pain, you only have to call her. I did. No regrets.

Conrad Alvin Lim, Professional Trader


”…magical hands in her physiotherapy work.”

Physioclinic’s therapists seems to have magical hands in their physiotherapy work. I had pain in my left knee and a strained neck/back that bogged me for several days. She took time to understand how I felt about the pain, examined the problem areas thoroughly and with her ‘magical’ hands, brought great relief after the 1st session. She took me through the relevant exercises, simple, bite-size routines that were easy to remember and constantly encouraged me to push on to make progress. Although the exercises may be challenging at times, but their reassuring smile will get you going. Thank you Physioclinic!”

Adrian Sim
Executive Life Planner

''...definitely recommend Physioclinic for their great location, customer service, and the attentive manner
”…definitely recommend Physioclinic for their great location, customer service, and the attentive manner ”

I went to Physioclinic for Physiotherapy to begin treatment for lower back muscle spasms developed a month or so ago. I was recommended to go to this place by a specialist at Mount E and subsequently recommended my spouse and her friend to attend as well as they suffered from severe muscle spasms on the arms and shoulders due to long hours sitting down at work with the keyboard over the years.

My therapist is always nice and professional during the sessions. She starts by making sure that you feel comfortable while she asked a bit more about my condition. She was gentle while going through some exercises although i was never good at the Pilate which is required to control balance and strengthen the core muscles .
The whole process in physiotherapy and exercise helped my muscles relax and during the 2 months long visit the intensity of my pain had reduced and i decided to go back to gym for routine workout.Overall I was impressed with the process.
I would definitely recommend Physioclinic for their great location, customer service, and the attentive manner of the therapist
Gavin Yeoh
Operation Manager

Physioclinic has the best physiotherapist in Singapore that has helped my neck, back, shoulder and knee pain
”…i will vouch for physiotherapist from Physioclinic”

Physioclinic has the best physiotherapist in Singapore that has helped my neck, back, shoulder and knee pain. I have sought treatment in other places but none has provided a professional, friendly and caring touch. I find her very patience in explaining my conditions and treatments are effective to my recovery.
If you need help in pain, i will vouch for physiotherapists from Physioclinic 

Ben Liu, Property Agent

  I do not have this recurring pain for the last 5 weeks since the physiotherapy I received from you. I must say I was skeptical before the session with you. As the last time I saw a physiotherapist in a ‘government hospital 3 years ago, I don’t have the same relief experience. On top of this relief I found, I am grateful for your tips on warming specifically for muscles used in Golf to allay any golf related injury. The last 3 weeks I participated in 2 golf tournaments and both of them I came in 2nd position. With the pain gone I am more confident in executing my golf swing thus I can enjoy my golf even better not to mention winning kudos. Is not about winning tournaments; but having a relief from pain that is somehow a great reward itself!!!

Thanks again; I would not hesitate to vouch for your high level of professionalism in the area of physiotherapy.

Anthony Lee, Manager



''...the pain went and shoulder mobility returned.''
”…the pain went and shoulder mobility returned.”

I consulted Physioclinic for physiotherapy for chronic pain and loss of movement in my shoulder from too much tennis. The consultation was thorough and her diagnosis correct. Therapist explained things very clearly and the treatment worked. Within a month the pain went and shoulder mobility returned. I found all therapists caring and sympathetic, – a first class professional. I recommend Physioclinic fully.

Peter Hall, Professional






''...Treatments have proved effective to stop my ankle pain''
”…Treatments have proved effective to stop my ankle pain”

Thank you Physioclinic for the great physiotherapy experience. Treatments have proved effective to stop my ankle pain and exercises are useful to prevent ankle sprain again.
Thanks also to my physiotherapist for being very friendly and caring.

Gerard Bisoni, Asia Pac Regional Sales Manager

''...highly knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy ''
”…highly knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy ”

Physioclinic’s therapist is not only highly knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy but is also a delight to work through. I found their temperament very comforting and warm. I went to Physioclinic to ease a pain I have had in my right shoulder for some time that has cause me some concern with possible future arthritis. She patiently explained to me what were the possible causes were so that understanding the physiotherapy session made a whole lot more sense.Since completing the therapy, the pain has surprisingly gone. The exercises she had me to were helpful in maintaining the shoulder joint. I had expected to at least wrestle with the odd reoccurring nuisance pain but that has not happened.

Thank you Physioclinic for your help. The piece of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about one of the most major and complicated joints in the body is a big relief.

Benjamin Teh, Vice President







Job Vacancy for Physiotherapist



We are looking for suitable candidates to join us!

  • Able to work independently in areas of musculoskeletal/ sports cases
  • Good interpersonal skills, maintain high standards of quality service and professionalism.
  • Self-motivated to keep up-to-date with advances in the field of physiotherapy
  • Positive attitude, good team player


  • Degree/Diploma in Physiotherapy.
  • Registered with AHPC

Attractive remuneration package and benefits will be offered to successful candidates, with relevant experience. Only Singaporean/ Singapore PR can apply 5.5 days work week

Interested candidates, pls email detailed resume to including your recent photo, stating current and expected salary.



Information given will be kept confidential.



texting & your health


With the advanced technology allowing us to constantly connected using smart phones, tablets, laptops, no matter where you are. People of all ages can develop ‘Text Neck’, a repetitive stress injury that caused by inappropriate posture resulting in neck, upper back, headaches as well numbness and tingling of the arms and fingers.

Research(1) shows that 91% of people text with their neck bended. Staying neck bending down position for a long time repetitively throughout a day, while carrying handphone, or Ipad, will subject our neck’s vertebra and disc to lots of pressure.  According to another research carried out in 2011, 53% of young adults suffer from neck, and back pain that associated with usage of computer and handphones. In another preliminary study done in 2009, the prevalence of pain and neck pain during texting is 83%.

No doubt these technologies have become integral part of our life, we are spending more and more times looking at our mobiles or computers, it is important for us to learn the correct and ergonomic beneficial way to use it.

Steps to reduce text neck pain:

  • Hold your phone up when you text or play games, instead of looking down. Position it at a proper reading angle, directly in front of your mouth at a comfortable viewing distance, a few inches across from your chin. This allows you to avoid strain because you can look at the screen by gazing down with your eyes rather than bending your neck. Your shoulders should also feel relaxed when you are interacting with the screen. If they’re not, adjust your position.
  • Voice command. If your phone’s texting app has a dictation program, use it – again, holding the phone in front of your mouth.
  • Take frequent, regular breaks. Excessive use is a key factor in text neck, so avoid prolonged bouts of texting, gaming, surfing or reading emails. If you tend to lose track of time while using your smartphone or lack the self-control to put it down, download a timer app (eg: workpace) and set it to remind you to take a break after 5, 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Support your range of motion. When you take time to exercise something other than your texting thumbs, focus on movements that strengthen your neck, back extensors, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi muscles.
  • Stretch the tight muscles. Neck, upper trapezius, upper back, chest, fingers muscles are commonly tighter if you text for a long time.
  • Stay hydrated. Proper hydration all day long eases stress throughout the body, from your neck down.
  • Communicate with other way. Leave a voicemail, send an email from your (hopefully ergonomically correct) desktop computer, or better yet, get together in person to share a cup of coffee, with your phones safely stowed away.
  • Get rid of your neck and shoulder pain. It is wrong to think that pain is a normal ageing process.

If you have tried to improve your workstation posture and not helping, then it is time to seek professional help with one of our experienced physiotherapists.

Take ACTION now. Physioclinic will help you beat technology related pain.




  1. Postures, typing strategies, and gender differences in mobile device usage: An observational study. Applied Ergonomic, Volume 43, Issue 2, March 2012.
  2. Physical symptoms in young adults and their use of different computers and mobile phone. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (JOSE) 2011, Volume 17, No. 4, 361-371
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Physiotherapists Treat ALL Spine Problems?


Q: Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me out here. Do physiotherapists only treat muscle related injuries and problems? If it is a joint or bone problem, does physiotherapy actually help? Slightly confused. Thanks.


A: Yes, physiotherapy treats ALL spine problems, including those related to muscle, joints and bones!


A common misconception that we hear as physiotherapists in Singapore is: “For muscle related injuries, I visit a physiotherapist. If it was a joint injury, I would visit a chiropractor.”

Actually, it is a MISUNDERSTANDING among many people that physiotherapists treat muscular problems only while it is chiropractors who specialise in problems relating to your neck, back or spine.


In fact, as qualified Physiotherapists, we are highly trained and skilled in the assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems related to bone, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and nerves, in every part of our body.

Spinal problems – such as neck pain, upper back tightness, lower back aching – are the most commonly dealt with problem as physiotherapists and is our area of speciality.

Physiotherapy takes a gentler, safer approach to neck and back pain injury treatment compared to that of a chiropractor.

Spinal manipulation is fundamental of chiropractic treatment. This is something that manual physiotherapists are also able to perform as well. However, physiotherapists often choose a safer, gentler solution to start with, like joint mobilisation, pain relief modalities or exercise based therapy. Evidence clearly demonstrates that either technique, when used alone, are equally effective. Hence we choose to go with the safer option to help you recover with less risk.

Many people associate TCM or chiropractic treatments with a ‘pop’ sound heard when their joint is ‘put back’.

Actually, there is no evidence to support the belief that understand that joint manipulation puts joints back in place that have slipped “out”! In fact there is evidence that shows this is not usually the case. Be it manipulation or mobilisation, the benefits achieved are by loosening up a joint which has become stiff and therefore restricting movement or causing pain.

Evidence is clear that in spinal pain an active treatment approach results in the best outcome. Exercise in addition to mobilisation/manipulation is clearly more beneficial than either alone. Also, an understanding of factors contributing to the problem and how these can be modified is important.


When you see a physiotherapist for your problem, we will not only treat the dysfunction of the joints and muscles, but find out what’s the root cause of the pain. Physiotherapists provide you with ways you can help yourself at home with appropriate self-care and exercises. Some of these will be for immediate relief and others for long term prevention.


A physiotherapist will NOT convince you that you need to come for regular manipulation treatments for 1-2years program or over 100 sessions for maintenance. Who knows your neck or back pain can be recovered in just a few sessions of physiotherapy?


A physiotherapist will quickly help you with the neck or back pain and provide you with the self-management to help yourself in the long term without requiring excessive treatment (and expense!)

So next time you have joint, bone, spine pain or injury, consider seeing a physiotherapist instead.

It just might be what you need to stop your back or neck pain!