Our heal360® health and wellness proprietary programs are driven towards holistic outcomes for different population with a different emphasis on individual needs and goals.

Every single person is different. Our therapy programs are personalized, guided 1:1  which is different for every client, as needs are different, varying from person to person.

Intensity and level of difficulty are modify up or down to suit your level and ensuring safety.

Our physiotherapists have developed these programs with evidence based researches and implemented by well trained rehabilitation therapist to ensure sustainable results and optimal performance.


Specially designed to ease your pain and speed  up recovery for most injuries and pain orthopedics conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve, bones, and joints.

SPORTS360™ Program :

Sport specific and results-driven training program for athletes and individuals of all ages, levels and performance goals.  Aims to minimize sporting injuries and maximize sports performance. Suitable for all ages, beginners to advanced.

Stretch360™ PROGRAM :

For Everyone! 1-1 personalised passive assisted stretching, focusing on your deep tensed muscle from head to toe. Aids in daily aches, pains and fatigue…Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, busy office worker or a work-at-home parent, stretch360™ assists in the maintenance and structural integrity of the body and can improve health and wellness.

NATAL360™ Program :

Pre-natal and Post-natal program: strengthen and maintain your pelvic floor muscle strength, as well as maintain general strength and flexibility. This can help reduce your risk of pain and discomfort through /after the pregnancy, as well as giving you the best health and fitness to care for your body and baby.

SPINE360™ Program :

Designed for anyone who is interested in making positive change to their posture and managing posture related issues whether at work, study or home.  It can help you improve your spine alignment and movement in daily function. Get a stronger spine, stronger body.

ACTIVE360™ Program :

Suitable for anyone with risk of falls, compromised balance and /or strength,  even the fitter older person. Or anyone who is keen to improve their independence and functional abilities and return to active lifestyle.

Transform360™ PROGRAM

LoseFats360 is fat loss program designed especially for people who find losing weight difficult due to history of musculoskeletal problems such joint pain, muscle tightness, back pain, arthritis or medical history such as diabetes, high blood pressure, post operation/hospitalisation.


Ergo360™ is designed to prevent repetitive work strain injuries without placing excessive strain on any one part of the body as well as limiting fatigue, stress, discomfort and injury. This allows optimum human performance in the workplace. Ergonomics ensures good occupational health and safety to optimise performance and productivity.

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